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Since 1996 the Jura Soyfer Society has its own homepage. In 2007 this homepage got a new structure. Now it is less a page with a story, but a page with a lot of different materials, information in different languages (since June 2008 not only German, but also Italian and English; more languages will follow).

To organize an own approach to the life, the works, the time of Jura Soyfer, the Jura Soyfer Society makes different materials available via Internet, but also via its Archive in Vienna. These materials get more and more:
Life, Works, Time
Instead of a short story with picture this page offers now a short Chronicle about some important moments in the life of Jura Soyfer. Photos about life, performances etc. you will find in the Jura Soyfer Archive, but you can order them also online (as far as the rights allow this).
Werkausgabe| Collected Works
For the first time all Soyfer texts which are available by now are published within one edition -  the Jura Soyfer Werkausgabe (German) in 4 volumes. But since 1936 also texts in English are available. 1996 Horst Jarka published at Ariadne Press (editor at this time: Donald G. Daviau) the volume “It’s Up to Us!” Collected Works of Jura Soyfer.
The translations started, when Jura Soyfer was 24 years old (in 1936). Since this time he was translated in about 40 languages by now (June 2008). These editions in different languages stand in the centre of the new communication concept of the Jura Soyfer Society and the multilingual homepage.
Jura Soyfer
Beside the journal „Jura Soyfer“ – published from 1989 to 2007 in 54 volumes up to 6.000 a number, distributed in over 40 countries – Jura Soyfer Online did not play a big role. But now more and more texts will be published there – not only in German, but also in English, Italian and additional languages.
Jura Soyfer
The Jura Soyfer Society was founded in Vienna in 1988. The main events at the begin were about Jura Soyfers death in the concentration camp Buchenwald (16 February 1939) and the first international symposion on Jura Soyfer in December 1989. Symposia all over the world followed – always in a transdisziplinary combination of readings, performances, exhibitions, lectures. Highlights were the exhibition “Jura Soyfer and Theatre” (opened 1992 by the former Chancellor of Austria, Vranitzky, in the TheaterMuseum in Vienna; this exhibition was then presented in over 30 countries). Highlights are also the Werkausgabe, translations in about 40 languages – connected with performances, radio and TV presentations, exhibitions, university lectures, symposia -, the journals, the homepage, the archive and a lot of important events in about 40 countries.
The bibliographies show that there is an international interest on Jura Soyfer, a polylog over the borders, unifying aspects of cultures.
Some materials are only available at the Jura Soyfer Archive (because of different rights). But the Werkausgabe, the Collected Works, Photos, the printed journal “Jura Soyfer”, “Otto Tausig liest Jura Soyfer”, notes (Jimmy Berg) are also online available. The Jura Soyfer Society tries to open this access.
When you make performances, lectures, films etc. about Jura Soyfer, you can make these materials available via homepage of the Jura Soyfer Society. Please send in this case an Email to the Jura Soyfer Society: arlt[at]soyfer.at


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