About the virtual Soyfer conference 2020

The Jura Soyfer Society has organized 28 symposia so far. Some of the sections took place virtually in this context. In the past, there were also participations in conferences and in courses. A virtual conference, on the other hand, is unique. But only in this way is it currently possible to conduct a polylogue between European and Arab artists, scientists and journalists on the language, the artistic work of Jura Soyfer.
A special feature of this conference in this context is the conference language Arabic. Not everyone of the participants speaks German, not everyone speaks Arabic. In this context, a test with translation machines was also carried out. Because this very conference requires a high degree of accuracy in the use of language. This corresponds both to the work of Jura Soyfer, especially the language-critical Austrian literary tradition, and to Arabic and Arabic poetry. The virtual conference will also pay special tribute to artistic forms in the sense of a perception of diversity.
The initiative for this conference came from Ass. Prof.a Dr.a Rania Elwardy (Cairo), who in her opening contribution will present in detail her efforts to make Jura Soyfer known to the public in Arab countries. The conference will be held in sections, each of which will be led by Ass. Prof.a Dr.a Rania Elwardy (Cairo) and Sc.Dir.Dr. Herbert Arlt (Vienna). In addition there are further virtual contributions in written form, which are not listed in the program. The contributions, discussions shall be published in Jura Soyfer Open Access in German as well as in Arabic and also in parts in English.
They will be the basis for further activities in Arabic public such as theatre performances, radio broadcasts etc. A follow-up conference is also planned, which will consider other languages relevant to North Africa.