Festic, Fatima

Festic, Fatima, Univ.Prof.in Dr.in (Los Angeles)

Fatima Festić has worked as a Professor, Lecturer and Research Fellow in the fields of comparative literature, humanities, and cultural studies at various universities in USA, Europe, South Africa, and Turkey. She is the author of the book: The Body of the Postmodernist Narrator: between violence and artistry (CSP, 2009), the editor of the book Betraying the Event: constructions of victimhood in contemporary cultures (CSP, 2009), the editor of the book Gender and Trauma: some attempts at critical intervention into the past (forthcoming), and the author of more than forty articles pertaining to literary, semiotic, cultural, psychoanalytic, and gender issues. She is currently working on the book on social geographies, norm and delineation of inner spaces. She organized and chaired panels at a number of conferences and congresses. She is a member of various international associations for the study of semiotics, literature, culture, communication, a member of some executive committees and scientific journals’ boards.